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* * * * * Application Limitations * * * * *
Updated on 3/8/2008
Thank you for your past and continued interest in Fotp. You must be willing to respec as necessary where required. We value the honorable reputation of our guild, and expect the same from our applicants. You should expect a response in-game or via a PM on the website within a few days.

Druid: Open
Hunter: Closed
Mage: Closed
Paladin: Open
Priest: Open
Rogue: Closed
Warlock: Open.
Warrior: Closed
Shaman: Open
* * * * * Application Limitations * * * * *

Thank you for your interest in Fellowship of the Ping. Please fill out the following application. This will allow us to easily track your in-game name so that we can contact you, and will give us a little insight into who you are and what you expect out of us. You will be contacted in-game by one of the officers - Solaria, Erstic, Quint, or Gingersnap.

Some side notes if you are applying with the intent on raiding:

* You must be geared from Kara/Badges/PVP/Mag/Gruul/SSC with appropriate enchants.
* You must consider yourself top notch player with quick reaction time and strong environmental awareness.
* You must have a strong desire to succeed.
* You must be able to take constructive criticism.

When posting your application please create a username on the website which matches your in-game characters name. Please follow the general application format below when posting your application. Create a new topic by clicking the button above and post your application there. Feel free to browse the other applications in the forum to get a general idea of what the application should look like.

Note that all of the following questions relate to your "main" character, which we define as the character you will play the vast majority of the time and plan on taking on guild raids when you hit level 70.

Character Name:


Build Spec (if you are an established character):

What are you looking for in a guild, and what about FoTP interests you?

Current/previous guilds, and if you're leaving, why?

Do you know or were you referred here by any of the guilds current members?

What are your goals as far as end-game content is concerned?

Do you PvP? Would you like to?

Typical play schedule?
(Note that our raids run 9pm-12am CST, Mon/Tue/Thur). If you cannot make at least 1 of those 3 hour sessions per week, our schedule will not be a good fit for you.)

Previous MMORPG experience:

Tell us a little about yourself (the player):

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