Fellowship of the Ping (FotP) WoW Guild Charter
(The Ping or FotP, Members sometimes referred to as Pingers)

Guild Objectives
The Fellowship of the Ping is a casual, fun, friendly late-night guild interested in a good time while advancing through the game. We will never institute a required-raid-attendance rule. This is not a hard-core raiding guild, but we do offer the opportunity to interested parties.

Integrity must be upheld by all members. This charter stands for furthering the enjoyment of the game for all of those that wish to be in the FotP. This is a guide in establishing and sustaining The Ping through circumstances forseen and unforseen. The rules and regulations set forth in this charter must be followed, but are not set in stone.

Fotp expects and wants our membership to offer their opinions and suggestions of improvements for the charter, activities, and guild as a whole. The guild leadership will do what they believe is in the best interest of the guild.

Charter Revisions
Revisions of this charter can only be made by a vote of the guild leadership. This process can be initiated one of two ways:
1) by the leadership proposing an amendment to the members for their feedback
2) a member bringing a petition to the leadership.

Guild Titles
- Guild Master
- Officer
- Officer Alt
- Class Leader (formerly Veteran)
- Member
- Initiate
- Alt Rank
- Loot Smurf

Guild Leadership
The Guild Leadership as a whole works as a team. Decisions for the guild are proposed to all Guild Leaders before rules are implemented. All Officers including the Guild Master have equal say. It is understood that differences of opinion are inevitable, but dissenting members of the Leadership agree to "disagree and commit" to the decisions of the majority. (i.e. Although 1 Officer's opinion differs from the others, he agrees to commit to the final decision and join in promoting the decision made.)

- Guild Master is the titled leader of FotP.

- Officers assist in running the guild. They will only be outranked by the Guild Master and could be assigned roles which include Moderator, Recruiter, Liaison (for future alliance guilds), and any other roles that may be deemed necessary in addition to their primary duties. They will manage recruitment, planning, resources, bank characters, and enforcement for the guild. In general, anyone should be able to approach any Officer with questions, concerns or suggestions.

- Officer Alt is simply an alt for any Officer; this allows them to perform Officer functions without having to log out and back in as their main. Not every alt of an Officer may be ranked as Officer Alt simply to avoid the appearance of having 20+ officers in the guild when there would really only be 5-6 with many alts.

Member ranks
- Class Leaders - Class Leaders are members of the guild that have shown interest and dedication in progressing the guild. They have demonstrated that they have learned to play their respective class well and should be able to advise others with respect to playing their class. They exhibit leadership in instance runs and raids, both inside and outside of the guild. This is a rank approved by existing Officers within the guild. There will generally only be a single character for each respective Class Leader.

- Members - Full fledged members of the guild. Members have shown they work well with existing members.

- Initiates - Upon application and initial approval, new players interested in joining the guild will remain Initiate rank until they have met the requirements for advancement to Member. Initiates will need to group with existing members of the guild for a minimum of 2 instance/quest runs so that we can get to know you and likewise you can get to know us better, and would remain as an Initiate for a period of approximately 2-4 weeks (could be more or less depending on playtime and possible previous experience with guild members). Promotion to Member status will be decided by the Officers based on feedback from Officers, Class Leaders, Members, current class needs in the guild, as well as having a desired personality and playstyle.

- Alt Rank - Alt ranks are player alts within the guild. The note attached to all alts will point to the main character played by that person.

- Loot Smurf - Loot smurfs are guild bank characters.

Recruiting procedure - This process is to protect us from getting extremely large too fast, providing Fotp time to get to know everyone, while maintaining the non-elitist attitude that FotP strives to achieve.

To be considered for admission to the guild, a Recruit must be vouched for by an existing guild member who has achieved at least Member status. The recruit is given an Initiate ranking for a few weeks. During this period, the vouching guild member takes it upon themselves to "educate" the recruit about FotP and how we operate. After the week is up, the Officers will decide if the recruit should be promoted to Member or let go. Only when you become a Member are you officially in the guild.

Before you consider this to be strenuous, consider that in this type of game you cannot just let anyone in at anytime and see how things turn out. That is an eventual recipe for disaster. We would like to build a very strong core of members who will know each other for the duration of FotP and are very willing to bring more people in, but in such a way that the group will stay strong.

Code of Conduct (CoC)
This is to be a general outline of how FotP members are expected to conduct themselves while a member of this guild. Leaders of the guild have the authority to enforce the CoC in all cases if an individual is thought to be going "too far over the line" or behaves in such a way as to bring discredit to the guild. All members and recruits must conduct themselves in an honorable fashion at all times; this includes all alternate characters. Honesty, integrity and maturity in dealing with others is expected of every guild member at all times, especially when dealing with fellow guild members.

1. No member will be excluded from grouping based solely on personal opinion. The Ping is a family, and we believe in no sibling left out.

2. Members are expected to be helpful and work towards common goals with fellow members. Any actions to the contrary are destructive to the guild's purpose.

3. Flaming in the forums, guild/raid/party chat, or on Teamspeak is not allowed.

4. Act courteous and respectful in public to keep from bringing dishonor to the guild. Do not speak in public about internal guild issues.

5. Guild quitting is not an action to be taken lightly. Fotp members need to know that everybody can be counted on, but quitting the guild is obviously an action that raises doubts regarding loyalty. It is understood that rash decisions are sometimes made so (usually) all members will be allowed one re-entry into the guild on a /gquit. After a second /gquit, there will need to be a general vote that passes the leadership (simply because a membership vote would be cumbersome) to readmit the member. There may be exceptions to this rule dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

6. Usage of in-game exploits is not allowed.

7. The FotP will strive to be a cut above. We will strive to always act honorably and will not lower ourselves to those seeking humiliation of others. One of FotP's goals is to be a positive example.

8. Members are expected to be open to hearing other's opinions. "Understanding" and "agreeing" are different things, and people cannot be flamed for having different ideas.

9. Members will be expected to maturely tolerate other members they do not get along with. All MMORPG's mix real life with gaming - we're playing with real people and members will be expected to deal with conflicting personalities maturely. Personalities that consistently interfere with FotP as a whole will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

10. Any violations of the CoC, or actions that may be found to bring discredit upon the guild will be subject to disciplinary action by FotP Leadership

11. Fotp is not a feeder guild. Our people are not here to help "parasites" progress and get gear just so said leech can immediately leave for their friend's guild or a high-end raiding guild. We expect Fotp members to be dedicated to progressing Fotp.

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